Gosvea IOT Dev Engineer ( Assistant/Internship)

Posted 2 years ago

1.Introduction to Gosvea

 Gosvea , an E-Verify Enterprise based in Silicon Valley (San Jose), is dedicated to found University of San Jose (USJ , School Code 90920164). Gosvea has developed PDA Artificial Intelligence Vocational Courses (Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Self Marketing), IE Enterprise Technology Service System , and  International Studying Abroad Service. USJ has gotten the BPPE from California State Government, and can provide the MBA and MSCS program for the students. Gosvea and USJ are hiring the IT engineers\Intern\ tutors  of MBA \ MSCS and ESL.

2 Dev  Project: Food Traceability  Management Platform 

 Using big data technology, blockchain technology, etc., to develop the Food Traceability Platform  and beverage hygiene and safety monitoring APP that can trace the source of food raw materials. Food suppliers can upload raw material testing reports, food distributors can upload raw material logistics paths, and customers can inquire about food and raw material traceability information.

3 personnel requirements

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or computer is preferred.

2) Relevant working experience is preferred.

3) Responsible for learning new technology of BlockChain, practical project development, application technology research and providing IT services for customers.

All interns need to participate in a unified training program, support OPT/CPT, and  excellent can support H1B.

Welcome young associate who have the enthusiasm, and the idea to  stand hard work to join us to release the youth power together.

Phone number: 408-571-6516

Email: students@usjus.org

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