Gosvea Self-Media Service System Dev Engineer ( Assistant/Internship)

Posted 2 years ago

1.Introduction to Gosvea

 Gosvea , an E-Verify Enterprise based in Silicon Valley (San Jose), is dedicated to found University of San Jose (USJ , School Code 90920164). Gosvea has developed PDA Artificial Intelligence Vocational Courses (Big Data, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Self Marketing), IE Enterprise Technology Service System , and  International Studying Abroad Service. USJ has gotten the BPPE from California State Government, and can provide the MBA \ MSCS program for the students. Gosvea and USJ are hiring the IT engineers\Intern\ tutors  of MBA \ MSCS and ESL.

2. Project: Self-Media Service System 

This project is mainly implemented through an event, to realize multimedia recording, editing, synthesis, publishing, feedback, improvement, evaluation and so on to help the different enterprises  to find their  customers and markets .

3 Personnel Requirements

1) Bachelor degree or above, major in art design or computer is preferred.

2)  Skillfully use WordPress/CorelDRAW/ Photoshop/Flash software tools  etc. .

3) Proficient in using design tools to edit video and optimize editing.

4) Good art skills and conception ability, can independently complete the static website design and production.

5) Have high independent learning ability and can pay attention to the development of new technology of web design.

6) Strong anti-pressure ability, creative, good coordination and communication skills, team spirit.

All interns need to participate in a unified training program, support OPT/CPT, and excellent can support H1B.

Welcome young associate who have the enthusiasm, and the idea to  stand hard work to join us to release the youth power together.

Phone number: 408-571-6516

Email: students@usjus.org

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