Life is a boundless journey of learning, where you and I can reach new heights.”-University of San Jose ‘Heorder’ 2023-2024 Silicon Valley Study Tours Program Launch Event Announcement

The University of San Jose announced the launch of the ‘USJ 2023-2024 Silicon Valley Study Tours Program’ in San Jose on April 28th, 2023. The event was attended by Dr. Claude Wang, founder and President of USJ, Dr. Bin Li, Vice President of USJ, Mr. Kevin, Vice President of USJ, and Dr. Tony Hu, Senior Consultant.

The Silicon Valley Study Tours Program offered by USJ provides four major categories of study programs, including Social Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Creativity, and Technology Services. USJ collaborates with esteemed partners, such as PU/LU/WJU, to fulfill the cross-cultural requirements of international students and provides an immersive and experiential study tour service infused with the spirit of Silicon Valley innovation.

By participating in this study program, students not only gain systematic training, conduct research, accumulate credits, and obtain degrees and relevant certificates but also develop lifelong friendships with students from across the globe. The study tour programs offered by the University of San Jose provide not only a journey of knowledge exploration but also a journey of lifelong learning and growth.

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