USJ 2022 Academic Seminar: Food Traceability Technology development comparison between US and China was successfully held

On January 14, 2022, the “Modern Industry-Education Integrated Development Seminar” was successfully held on the USJ San Jose campus and lived on several platforms. Mr. Dazhang Zeng, Chairman of Sichuan Shuguang Group, and Mr. Kenny Miao, Team Leader of the “USJ Food Traceability System” Project all gave wonderful speeches.

Mr. Zeng has been engaged in the research and development of communication and network technology for a long time. In recent years, he has been especially devoted to the research of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and IoT systems, e-commerce, modern logistics, agricultural product (food) quality, safety traceability system, etc.

Dr. Claude Wang, Founding President of USJ and Mr.Zeng discussed the future of Food Safety and Food traceability development.

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