The signing ceremony of USJEdu and WJU was successfully held

On Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, the signing ceremony of the USJ(University of San Jose Group) and WJU(William Jessup University) was successfully held at the William Jessup Universities San Jose campus. VP of USJ professor Tom Tafolla and SP(Special Advisor to the President) of WJU Mr.Art Ricabal signed the agreement. USJ President Dr.Claude Wang and Mr. Ricabal gave a wonderful presentation speech about USJEDU and WJU. USJ VP Dr.Bin Li, VP Dr.Jim Hao, VP Kevin Cheng, and WJU SP(Special Advisor to the Provost)Dr. Tony Hu, IT Tech Partner Ethan Wang, Int’l Program Officer Cass Khoo attended the event. 

USJ President Dr. Claude Wang introduced the general situation and advantages of their corporations between the USA and China, and hope to explore the Chinese market and build a friendship bridge university together. After they signed a cooperation agreement, Dr.Claude Wang and Mr. Ricabal exchanged gifts.

WJU SP Dr.Tony Hu indicated that he will fully support the cooperation between the two parties, he believes the friendship between China and the USA will become better in the future.

The signing ceremony was completely successful. Let us all work together to overcome Covid-19 and make great progress in the future.

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